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by Hala Carts on November 09, 2022

Hair can have a big impact on human appearance, both for men and women, while volume plays a large part in how you look at, style, see and present this hair. Unfortunately, since the men’s hair is generally short, it will look rather odd without thick volume. And let’s face it, not everyone is blessed with naturally voluminous hair and some of us actually start experiencing our hair getting thinner and thinner as we reach an older age. Not only that, but a sun-filled day out in the humidity or even a haircare routine with less-than-ideal products can make you feel like your hair is falling flat. It could also be the stress, genetics, over-styling/damage, a bad diet… Oh, and there’s excess moisture and built-up products in the hair to consider as well. However, this lifeless ‘do doesn’t have to be a life sentence, and you are able to win back your hair mojo just as fast as you lost it.

Don’t get excited just yet, it’s not like you’ll be able to increase your hair’s thickness overnight. However, if you follow our haircare routine, it’ll be possible for you to enhance your hair’s volume so much, it’ll almost have a personality of its own. “Pump up the volume!” is one of the top things said to both party DJs and hair stylists. Thin, flat, lifeless hair is just way out of style this year. You want big, bold bodacious luscious locks, and you’ve come to just the right place for it. There are a variety of ways to add volume — or the appearance of volume — to your hair, including the following products:

OZMA Ultimate Luxury Caviar or Macadamia Shampoo

A healthy, full head of hair starts in the shower with the right shampoo, and if you're looking to grow your hair, you'll want the best hair growth shampoo to keep your hair thick, long and strong. What does the right shampoo mean exactly? The volumizing shampoo you’re looking for is one that removes dirt and build-up on the scalp, helping to strengthen hair at the root. This requires a strong and proven formula that could improve scalp health and lead to hair growth by giving fragile hair strands the strength, elasticity and flexibility they need. Invest in our OZMA hair products a gentle daily shampoo for normal hair types, which cleanses, revitalizes and refreshes the hair, skin and scalp. Formulated with recharge system to protect the men's hair against environmental elements, this shampoo is the perfect solution to your hair problems.

OZMA Ultimate Luxury Men Scalp Tonic

The best way to encourage robust hair growth is the simple act of a scalp massage. And what better way to do that than using a hair tonic? They are great for improving your hair scalp and cuticle health. Not only that, but tonics are made for styling your hair: they add volume and texture, help hair hold its shape, and add shine. Nevertheless, after using a hair tonic, you will notice that your hair is healthier and shinier. Since hair tonics are good moisturizers, this also means your hair won’t get itchy, and you won’t have dandruff. And since your hair gets moisture from tonics, it may produce more collagen and boost your hair growth. Try the OZMA Scalp Tonic, which is a pleasant cooling tonic for all hair and scalp types that strengthens your hair and gives it new energy. It is a unique complex containing guarana and caffeine that works to stimulate the root, creating the optimum environment for growth. This helps with resilience, providing the appearance of healthier looking and stronger feeling hair. As if that wasn’t enough, the formula is also infused with an aromatic scent, perfect for the modern man.


OZMA Ultimate Luxury Caviar or Macadamia Conditioner

A quality thickening conditioner does more than just moisturize your hair. It includes specific ingredients that maximize the fullness of your existing hair and encourage healthy new growth. In addition, it makes thinning hair look as thick as possible while protecting against future hair loss. Add OZMA Luxury Conditioner to your haircare routine, which is a refreshing volumizing conditioner for all men hair types. It delivers a stimulating blend of camphor crystals, that help soothe and cool the hair and scalp, while strengthening, nourishing and growing the hair.

       Men Dynamic Hair Wax - Matte Look Styling Wax

Unlike some other hair-sticking products, a hair wax gives extra volume, the natural look and flexibility. If you have thin and sparse hair, you need a hair wax that will give volume to your hairstyle. We propose to use the Dynamic Hair Wax - Matte Look Styling Wax, made with a matte definition for those who want an extra firm hold style look you can form your hair in a spectacular fashion with volume.  It keeps your hair in style with a natural Finis and allows you to make your hair messy and voluminous.