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For more than 15 years, we aim to continually work and partner with affiliates to deliver the best services in the Premium Health & beauty industry. We have chosen to give our years of expertise to provide our partners with the best services to showcase and build their brand in this region. We at HALA, a renowned beauty and cosmetics powerhouse founded in 2005, are committed to achieving our vision alongside our partners by providing the best local and international beauty brands to deliver exemplary service to beauty enthusiasts in the region. HALA has evolved and developed its expertise across the region, successfully operating in the United Arab Emirates, Oman& Lebanon HALA is focused on combining beauty and digitalization to enhance and transform customer experience at every touch point
What drives us?

We are motivated and driven by the urge to offer a unique experience and a distinctive vision to experts around the world. We will continue to play our part in making the world more beautiful and working hard to maintain the leading position for professional beauty & health space.

What makes us unique?

HALA is driven by creativity, innovation, and education within many sectors on the levels of professionals that have been the main key focus throughout the years. Our obsession with unparalleled quality, integrity, sincerity, efficacy reflects in the cu ration of our brands for the region. We, as a group, aim many all shapes and sizes. What drives us to success today is our mission to have a unique experience and vision, and be the leading partner for professional beauty & health catering to two valuable sectors in terms of responsibility and sustainability. We will continue to play our part in a more beautiful world.
Our Strength

Our 15+ years' mission and experience revolve around serving World professionals in the beauty industry in addition to our consumer-centric approach; by always observing trends within the professional beauty segment, personal care, and consumer preferences It is essential to stay connected with top professionals in our industry, which leads to understanding and evolving our salon and end users partners, our consumer and products to offer customized solutions for the region, introducing knowledge, focus on consumer and partner needs making it our main key strength.


As a responsible company that values quality and reliability, our purpose is to introduce innovations in the market. Our top premium brands provide the highest level of efficacy and safety, which gives a sense of pride for our partners. We offer a wide range of premium professional health & beauty products to salons, spas, pharmacies, department stores, and medical aesthetic clinics in the region. We cater to more than 45,000+ customers in different trade channels. We stay up to date by observing the latest trends within the industry, and continuously stay connected with top professionals and opinion shapers. Our goal is to strengthen our existing partnerships and build new strategic ones. We are, therefore, always on the look of partnership opportunities with local and international beauty brands so that we can continue to offer even more extensive product choices to the consumer and cover the market gaps.

Education & Training

HALA Group focuses on developing and providing world-class education and training through our education centers across the region. We intend to carry a capsule of unique beauty programs with utmost professionalism and expertise through an unparalleled system of training. We offer a comprehensive module, designed to meet the required standard of delivering professional expertise, ensuring that we help our partners to keep them updated with latest trends and achieve better results for their customers.